The Big 5

5 years ago i became a mother . It has been such a amazing and exhausting motherhood since but totally worth it . Our first has always been the little person who enjoys the little things in life . From her 1st birthday up until her 3rd birthday party, we would go all crazy from fun themes like Carnival and Under the Sea . Caterings from our favorite Chinese restaurants and services from bounce houses , cotton candy machines and more . I always planned for the parties 6 months ahead of time to ensure i didn’t stress. As soon as Belle was able to talk clearly and mention what she loves and wants . We started to ask her what does she want for her birthday or what plans should we do . And every year since that 3rd birthday it gets real simple. Her 3rd birthday was a surprise family trip to Disneyland in SoCal and it was very fun for the whole family . Last year she simply requested a cousin to come visit us and grab a dozen of donuts from Krispy Kreme . I didn’t complain ! Great company and who doesn’t love donuts ??

Author: wranglingtheles

Motherhood + Lifestyle Blogger

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