Valentines Day Gift Guide for him !

Hey gang , I put together 3 gift ideas you can gift a special man in your life without it being a electronic or jewelry . If you have a husband like mine who doesn’t care about the fancy or expensive gifts . These 3 are the perfect gifts to give . Last year for Valentines day i gifted my husband a poster from underluckystars . I have no idea why i was so nervous to give it as it was a surprise , and also because i cannot keep secrets i blew that secret a week before .. so he had an idea but was pretty shocked once he opened it . I ordered with one of their frames which made it more fun because all we had to do was drill some holes and put it up ! Ill be posting another blog post more about that real soon!

1 . Under Lucky Stars 

Not only you can get the map printed but you can get yours personalized on a phone case. How cute is that ?

2. Man Stash or Man Crates

These two are different gift baskets you can give that special man in your life . What i love it the variety of different boxes you can get from , food , drinks , cooking , grilling , sports and even personalize your own .

3. D.R . Harris & Co 

Men who have beards love to take care of it , My husband likes this style and how it is easy to take along for trips .

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