How to create a Media Kit for Bloggers & Influencers

Hey loves ! I have been asked by new bloggers, “Do i need a Media Kit ? What exactly do i put on it ? Do i pay someone is there free apps ? ” And the answer is YES , having a media kit represents you . Some may have looked up how to make a media kit , seen the crazy numbers of followers and impressions to your social media accounts . There is no need to feel discouraged because everyone starts from the bottom .

In this blog post i will be talking to you about these main topics :

  • What is a Media kit ?
  • Why do i need one ?
  • How to create a professional kit
  • How does having a Media kit benefit you

What is a Media Kit ?

A Media kit is basically , a book cover for you . When you pick up a book the first thing you look at is the cover right ? This is your way of representing YOU . Brands wonder when you reach out , who you are , what can you offer , and who or what does it mean to influence someone .

Author: wranglingtheles

Motherhood + Lifestyle Blogger

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