Balancing work life and Co-parenting .

Hey loves , sorry for being away for so long . And I hope everyone had a great 4th of July ! I thought this blog post would be the perfect way to explain how my life changed just a tad bit from being a sahm to a working mom . And let me just say , as much as i love my kiddos . I work somewhere i call my second home . I think the key to being happy and productive you just have to love the environment your’re in and have motivation ! Usually i work mornings and my husband works evenings. Some may think by the title of my blog post. Is she divorced ? Is there a separation ? And the answer to both is no . I feel like the word ” Co-Parenting” is only labeled for the parents who have separated and it shouldn’t be . My husband is not a baby sitter , he does not get paid or have certain days and times to watch the children . We share the same cleaning and cooking meals for our home . One might be super tired and just burnt out during the day and the other at night . Just to do it all over again the next day. But hey , that is the life of a parent .

I always start my day the night before meaning , setting out clothes , meal prepping for breakfast and lunch ( the hours i will not be home ) , maybe leave a few notes , and getting a good night sleep . 7 hours would be perfect but i end up settling for at least 5 hours . Once i get home i ask how everything is going , check what needs to be done and say good bye to my husband as hes walking out the door . Some days are of course easier than others which is nice . Having 3 children under the age 5 can be difficult for bedtimes . The challenge i find is settling them down , so i start at 5 pm with baths , dinner and no screen time an hour before bed . I do that so if they get all roughed up , jumping and playing off the walls they are exhuasted and ready to sleep . We have not always been strict on bedtimes it just became a habit to be in bed around 7:30-9:00pm . So that way mom and dad gets alone time whether thats watching a movie , enjoying a nice bath , catching up on emails , or eating snacks with out the kids asking for some

( Yes, im that mom . And that is my favorite alone time )

It took a good year for husband to adjust to the way i really care about self care , putting myself first if i really need to , how balancing a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically is just so important after i had ppd with my second child . And one thing i learned is how to communicate better . Which is so important as a married couple or just any in general . I feel dads don’t always catch on to how mothers are feeling and that’s totally fine . Men are not mind readers . They also catch on to the thought that we got it handled because thats just what us moms do . Day and night , exhuasted or not . We are known to just get stuff done . But truth is most days we struggle , learn to be open , learn to speak about your feelings with out saying , “You” or ” You never” “You always” . Instead say ” Sometimes … ” or ” I feel” . All of these things is how you can co-parent in and out of a relationship .

Author: wranglingtheles

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