Back to school routine

This blog post is just based of my experience sending my child into the school year the last 3 years . I’ve always been to excited to look forward to the day my children start school . Its a milestone and something i can always be proud of and challenge myself to teach them even more as they go . For my first child we decided to put her in preschool for two years . Mostly to get familiar with other children being around and not having to worry about childcare expenses . In most places if your child is potty trained they can attend head start or pre-k at 3 years old .

So here we are the first week into First grade . So far the last week has just been getting to know her teacher and peers . We are going into the next week where all the fun learning begins with homework and school projects.

Here is the most important things i do :

1 . A good night sleep

Disclaimer : My children ages 1,3,5 have all slept through the night and still take naps . So this may be different for you . Although i do believe children need a good sleep routine.

A good time frame for a school aged child to sleep is 6-8 hrs . I set bedtime at 7:30 pm or 8:30 pm the latest depending on, if dinner went a little late or you know the before bed rough playing or fighting their sleep happens . If a child is well rested before waking up early for school they will be in a better mood and prepared for a full day of studying .

2. A good fulling breakfast

Luckily this school year breakfast and lunch is served for free to all students. I wake Belle up a hour before heading out to school to have enough time to wake up , wash up and eat a good breakfast at home . Usually i will make a oatmeal filled with good superfood ingredients like nuts and seeds with fresh fruit . Or if im really in a good mood , a whole breakfast meal . Pancakes , eggs , bacon , etc . If she still is hungry she has the option to also eat breakfast at school .

3. Laying out school clothes

I like to layout clothes and shoes for the next day only because , we live somewhere with bi polar weather and the next day is never promised for a set weather temp . But currently it is in the triple digits so that’s pretty obvious of what the fall outfits look like. Belle is at the age where she knows her style , what she likes , dislikes and what is also inappropriate for school like open toed sandals .

I’ve seen some parents who set out clothes for the entire week which is also pretty cool . So if that is more your style .. go purchase a organizer and have fun !

4. Stay involved with your child’s education !

This one is a really big deal for me . I grew up where my parents was busy with work and gone most of the time . But one thing my mom always made sure of , was to check homework and make sure it was done . We currently live in a low scored school district. And instead of complaining or struggle to drive miles out to a new district. It is my job as a mother to keep up with school work , asking her teacher how everything is going , what i can do to help improve my daughters learning at the same time as making sure she is not overwhelmed and going at her speed of learning . Remember every child is different and there are many ways to teach something your way and how others will understand .

5. Invest in a calendar and stay organized !

As a family of 5 , two working parents and three children at different ages with dr appointments , meetings and play dates . Things can get pretty stressful and complicated . I currently use the planner , notes and reminder app on my iphone . Which is so perfect for on the go and i also keep a planner at home with a wall calendar . I know it sounds like so much , but for me as a blogger it is just a habit to stay on top of everything and organized .

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