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How we use CBD in our everyday lives.

Disclaimer : I am not a health coach or any kind of professional . Just sharing a few facts about CBD and why i use it . IF you notice i love to blog about my personal honest life of motherhood and more . I am never going to post something and say “This is how YOU should do something , or anything along those lines. “

Lets get down to the basics about cbd:

What is CBD ?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis (marijuana). While CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana , it is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant.

Does CBD get you high ?

No . Because it is non-psychoactive.

Is CBD illegal ?

CBD derived from hemp is legal in all 50 states , but cbd derived from marijuana is not federally legal .

Is CBD oil and Hemp oil different ?

CBD is extracted from the leaves, flowers, and stalks of the cannabis plant. And also acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, which reduces pain and inflammatory . Gives pain relief to muscle aches, arthritis, joint pain, neuropathic conditions, headaches, and to aid skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, even sunburn, and bug bites . And also gives relief from anxiety

Hemp oil is a cold-pressed extract from seeds , and basically like sunflower or jojoba oil. It is high in antioxidants, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, and contains no CBD . Hemp is generally known as a superfood and is known as a really good moisturizer and does not clog your pores. Hemp seeds can also be found at your local grocery store . Since im also big on superfoods i always add some hemp seeds to my toasts and oatmeals.

So now you know a little more about it , now you can get to know why my husband and i introduced it to our daily lives including our children.

I was first introduced to CBD in 2014 by my husband who has already been in the industry and who also attended a pharamacy tech trade school . Even till this day i am a very open minded person , i love learning about all different lifestyles and cultures while loving mine. I’ve always known about thc ( marijuana) and its side effects but i never knew about cbd until that year. At this time when i started to use more cbd products was a few months after my first child was born , i had gone through a painful and rough pregnancy and post delivery because i got an epidural . For those who ever had an epidural you know you get it as soon as you can take the pain of contractions any longer. But no one ever tells you the pain you experience after even months to a few years after delivering . I honestly feel like my back has never been the same. Also because i had 2 more children and got an epidural both those times too. The first product i tried was a lotion from Apothecanna which is basically an OG cbd line. Everyday my husband would rub it all over my back during pregnancy and after which gave instant relief .

Fast forward to the last two years now going on six years of having experience using cbd products , i have tried many brands and products from skincare , drinks , and even unique products for sexual pleasure enhancements ( tmi i guess , but hey im being real . lol ) .

A couple reasons why i personally use CBD

  1. I remember in High School having bad menstrual cramps that would lead to me having to miss days of school , and end up in my bed in fetal position in the worst pain ever. I was always given Advil , Midol , and Tylenol. Basically just any over the counter medicine i could have by my mother . And usually it would take for a pill or two every 4 to 6 hours and still be crying for help. Now that I am an adult i always look at the possible troubles over the counter medicine can do like for one i always see is , ” Caution , may cause live damage” . I know it is if you happen to take too much in 24 hours. But still ! That worries me about what i put in my body . I am not saying everyone should put down the over the counter medicine and go completely holistic . Because what doesn’t work for me may work for you . And for cbd products i can apply to my skin every 15 mins if needed without any worries.
  2. My last two pregnancies i experienced Post Partum Depression (PPD) . That is just something that has always been hard to talk about because many don’t know about it . Or thinks its a fake thing women make up to gain more attention . I wont go into much detail about it , but long story short that level of depression and anxiety i experienced took over my life . It was so hard to just be happy and go on without worrying about every little thing . I always said 2 things helped me was not the prescriptions but CBD oils , creams and most importantly talking with other moms and going out for fresh air.
  3. My husband and i want to practice a holistic living . And CBD is just F**king amazing .

How CBD was introduce to the children :

Last year we realized something was bothering Belle , the oldest of the three . And every night before bed she would cry and whine about her ankles being in so much pain . At first i thought it was a way to get out of having to go to bed and just stay up to play . But days eventually lead to weeks and actually bringing her in to the pediatrics . She was also given over the counter medicines and we were basically told it’s nothing serious , just a child who is very active in running around and playing . So i thought , if i cant get her to calm down and everyday shes in pain i have to give her medication that doesn’t sound right at all . After my husband and i talked we decided to try out cbd cream and rub it on her ankle before bed . Not even 15 mins later she was already in relief and sound asleep . The next day was when i realized okay this is what i want to do , i love the idea of giving my children products that are safe and effective.

Any time our children is sick or a big one is allergies which we all have , we love trying out all the natural remedies before going to over the counter medications . From oils , humidifiers, cooking a nice big pot of Vietnamese porridge , rubbing vicks , using cool gel pads , etc . I still believe in going to professionals for help , i honestly will still call their pediatrician for any advice even after having three children. If they do come down with a fever i have to use Tylenol along with our natural remedies to bring down the fever.

Im so glad i can share more about my life with all my viewers and i hope to inspire others and just tell all the mamas out there that , i see and hear you . When you’re having a down moment and when you’re having the time of your life . I am not one to judge and if someone hasn’t told you , you are doing just fine ! ❤

Comment and click the follow bottom to keep up with me ! I’d love to hear your story on how cbd helps you (:

Back to school routine

This blog post is just based of my experience sending my child into the school year the last 3 years . I’ve always been to excited to look forward to the day my children start school . Its a milestone and something i can always be proud of and challenge myself to teach them even more as they go . For my first child we decided to put her in preschool for two years . Mostly to get familiar with other children being around and not having to worry about childcare expenses . In most places if your child is potty trained they can attend head start or pre-k at 3 years old .

So here we are the first week into First grade . So far the last week has just been getting to know her teacher and peers . We are going into the next week where all the fun learning begins with homework and school projects.

Here is the most important things i do :

1 . A good night sleep

Disclaimer : My children ages 1,3,5 have all slept through the night and still take naps . So this may be different for you . Although i do believe children need a good sleep routine.

A good time frame for a school aged child to sleep is 6-8 hrs . I set bedtime at 7:30 pm or 8:30 pm the latest depending on, if dinner went a little late or you know the before bed rough playing or fighting their sleep happens . If a child is well rested before waking up early for school they will be in a better mood and prepared for a full day of studying .

2. A good fulling breakfast

Luckily this school year breakfast and lunch is served for free to all students. I wake Belle up a hour before heading out to school to have enough time to wake up , wash up and eat a good breakfast at home . Usually i will make a oatmeal filled with good superfood ingredients like nuts and seeds with fresh fruit . Or if im really in a good mood , a whole breakfast meal . Pancakes , eggs , bacon , etc . If she still is hungry she has the option to also eat breakfast at school .

3. Laying out school clothes

I like to layout clothes and shoes for the next day only because , we live somewhere with bi polar weather and the next day is never promised for a set weather temp . But currently it is in the triple digits so that’s pretty obvious of what the fall outfits look like. Belle is at the age where she knows her style , what she likes , dislikes and what is also inappropriate for school like open toed sandals .

I’ve seen some parents who set out clothes for the entire week which is also pretty cool . So if that is more your style .. go purchase a organizer and have fun !

4. Stay involved with your child’s education !

This one is a really big deal for me . I grew up where my parents was busy with work and gone most of the time . But one thing my mom always made sure of , was to check homework and make sure it was done . We currently live in a low scored school district. And instead of complaining or struggle to drive miles out to a new district. It is my job as a mother to keep up with school work , asking her teacher how everything is going , what i can do to help improve my daughters learning at the same time as making sure she is not overwhelmed and going at her speed of learning . Remember every child is different and there are many ways to teach something your way and how others will understand .

5. Invest in a calendar and stay organized !

As a family of 5 , two working parents and three children at different ages with dr appointments , meetings and play dates . Things can get pretty stressful and complicated . I currently use the planner , notes and reminder app on my iphone . Which is so perfect for on the go and i also keep a planner at home with a wall calendar . I know it sounds like so much , but for me as a blogger it is just a habit to stay on top of everything and organized .

Balancing work life and Co-parenting .

Hey loves , sorry for being away for so long . And I hope everyone had a great 4th of July ! I thought this blog post would be the perfect way to explain how my life changed just a tad bit from being a sahm to a working mom . And let me just say , as much as i love my kiddos . I work somewhere i call my second home . I think the key to being happy and productive you just have to love the environment your’re in and have motivation ! Usually i work mornings and my husband works evenings. Some may think by the title of my blog post. Is she divorced ? Is there a separation ? And the answer to both is no . I feel like the word ” Co-Parenting” is only labeled for the parents who have separated and it shouldn’t be . My husband is not a baby sitter , he does not get paid or have certain days and times to watch the children . We share the same cleaning and cooking meals for our home . One might be super tired and just burnt out during the day and the other at night . Just to do it all over again the next day. But hey , that is the life of a parent .

I always start my day the night before meaning , setting out clothes , meal prepping for breakfast and lunch ( the hours i will not be home ) , maybe leave a few notes , and getting a good night sleep . 7 hours would be perfect but i end up settling for at least 5 hours . Once i get home i ask how everything is going , check what needs to be done and say good bye to my husband as hes walking out the door . Some days are of course easier than others which is nice . Having 3 children under the age 5 can be difficult for bedtimes . The challenge i find is settling them down , so i start at 5 pm with baths , dinner and no screen time an hour before bed . I do that so if they get all roughed up , jumping and playing off the walls they are exhuasted and ready to sleep . We have not always been strict on bedtimes it just became a habit to be in bed around 7:30-9:00pm . So that way mom and dad gets alone time whether thats watching a movie , enjoying a nice bath , catching up on emails , or eating snacks with out the kids asking for some

( Yes, im that mom . And that is my favorite alone time )

It took a good year for husband to adjust to the way i really care about self care , putting myself first if i really need to , how balancing a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically is just so important after i had ppd with my second child . And one thing i learned is how to communicate better . Which is so important as a married couple or just any in general . I feel dads don’t always catch on to how mothers are feeling and that’s totally fine . Men are not mind readers . They also catch on to the thought that we got it handled because thats just what us moms do . Day and night , exhuasted or not . We are known to just get stuff done . But truth is most days we struggle , learn to be open , learn to speak about your feelings with out saying , “You” or ” You never” “You always” . Instead say ” Sometimes … ” or ” I feel” . All of these things is how you can co-parent in and out of a relationship .

How to create a Media Kit for Bloggers & Influencers

Hey loves ! I have been asked by new bloggers, “Do i need a Media Kit ? What exactly do i put on it ? Do i pay someone is there free apps ? ” And the answer is YES , having a media kit represents you . Some may have looked up how to make a media kit , seen the crazy numbers of followers and impressions to your social media accounts . There is no need to feel discouraged because everyone starts from the bottom .

In this blog post i will be talking to you about these main topics :

  • What is a Media kit ?
  • Why do i need one ?
  • How to create a professional kit
  • How does having a Media kit benefit you

What is a Media Kit ?

A Media kit is basically , a book cover for you . When you pick up a book the first thing you look at is the cover right ? This is your way of representing YOU . Brands wonder when you reach out , who you are , what can you offer , and who or what does it mean to influence someone .

Motherhood Hashtags for Instagram

Hey loves ! So if you have been following me on Instagram you know I’ve been talking more about how to grow as a Influencer or Blogger . If you are looking to grow your engagements by 2x and possibly get featured on a hub account . These are the ones that has helped me in the last year . There has been a ton of talk whether putting hashtags in your caption or in comments work best. But honestly it is a hit or miss for me , i like to change it up and sometimes put 15-25 hashtags in a comment and put a few in my caption . I also try to use different hashtags everyday . So here are a few .. I hope i can help at least a little ! And if you want more blog post’s like this one please subscribe to stay in the know (:

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Bath bomb heaven

Hey loves ! I wanted to share with you just some phone pictures from our outing at Lush . Bath bombs and bubbles are a girls happy place . When i first step in in Lush , i feel a bit overwhelmed because i don’t know what to get . Everything just smells so good and looks to cute to touch . For that last few years i have been buying the cute little robots for the kids . One thing i dislike about it , is you do have to use the entire thing . And the plus side of it is its fun and maker your skin so soft.

Did you know your little ones can go in and test out some fun products ? Penny had so much fun picking her favorite colors and watching it all go down . To make my children feel like they have some what of a responsibility for ages 5 and under , i usually give them the money to hand over to the cashier .