Baking with a toddler

Im all for sunny days since i am from Socal . But this weekend it started raining and , i decided it would be a day to bake and get the little ones involved with something . Usually i am the mom that will not let the kids be around the stove or oven … but i also want to have my children say , ” I use to bake with mommy ” and also learn something new. Penny will be 3 in June i feel she is more advanced in somethings , her big sister was not at her age only because she had someone around 24/7 to play and learn from besides us . All penny did was give the bowl a little mixing and it was the coolest thing to her it seemed. My heart was so full

Valentines Day Gift Guide for him !

Hey gang , I put together 3 gift ideas you can gift a special man in your life without it being a electronic or jewelry . If you have a husband like mine who doesn’t care about the fancy or expensive gifts . These 3 are the perfect gifts to give . Last year for Valentines day i gifted my husband a poster from underluckystars . I have no idea why i was so nervous to give it as it was a surprise , and also because i cannot keep secrets i blew that secret a week before .. so he had an idea but was pretty shocked once he opened it . I ordered with one of their frames which made it more fun because all we had to do was drill some holes and put it up ! Ill be posting another blog post more about that real soon!

1 . Under Lucky Stars 

Not only you can get the map printed but you can get yours personalized on a phone case. How cute is that ?

2. Man Stash or Man Crates

These two are different gift baskets you can give that special man in your life . What i love it the variety of different boxes you can get from , food , drinks , cooking , grilling , sports and even personalize your own .

3. D.R . Harris & Co 

Men who have beards love to take care of it , My husband likes this style and how it is easy to take along for trips .

Mom off duty

Hey loves , so i finally went ahead and ditched the “mom gear” for a day , threw on something i felt beautiful in and got all dolled up for a quick shoot and some girl time . Not that i don’t love hanging around in my lounge gear . Something about being able to just get ready full glam is fun when you get the chance too . My oldest is at the age where , if i put on a pair of jeans before i even head out the door ( IF i am going anywhere) I asked . ” Mom where are you going ” . See … even my 5 year old knows I don’t go out .

Jumpsuit is from @hottielasvegas


Memories with Parabo Press

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is make so many memories and to make sure we capture them . For me i love to snap photos of almost everything because,  time is short and if you stare at a picture you can enjoy that moment forever . I love photo printing with Parabo Press because , the many different ways you can showcase photos with their products . My favorite is to hang photos on a photo rope and change up the photos every season . Since we are away from the family this year , i thought the perfect gift would be to send photos of our family throughout the year. There is still time to send your loved ones a gift of memories. You can enjoy 30% off with my code LES30 over at offer expires Dec 13th .

Target Photoshoot


You guys , we did it ! It is not the “Target Challenge” but we decided to take the camera along a few days before Halloween , to get some last minute candy and grab home decor for the holidays . I’m not sure if you are even allowed to do this , honestly it was a little scary but so much fun . Target and anything Joanna Gaines brings the joy out of me outside of my family. Around this time of the year is when I’m at my highest point because of the holidays , the joy and just all the decorations . If i vlogged about my daily life you will probably see Target at least 3x a week .


The Target shoot was shot by @toniflowersphotography , like myself she is from San Diego , CA . It is always good to have a friend from home here . She is amazing at what she does and can always make the kids laugh for photos . I challenge you to do the “Target Photoshoot” .



Vintage Market Days of Nevada

Hey gang ! This weekend i attended Vintage Market Days of Nevada that only comes once a year . I’ve been waiting all year for this event and let me tell you , it is soooo worth it ! What made this day even better was going with a few girlfriends and starting our afternoon at a local coffee shop before heading out to shop and mingle . If you love farmhouse signs , handmade , custom items , sampling the tastiest little appetizers from vendors and food trucks this is somewhere you want to be with their insta -worthy event. It totally brought out my inner Joanna Gaines , one thing i do regret was coming with just my purse . If i knew i was going to go crazy on every vendor i would have brought one of those wagons and just pile up my items. Which many people did , at least now i know for next year . If you couldn’t attend this year , Spring of 2019 they will be back ! I’m so excited to see them grow another year and look forward to more shopping!

The Big 5

5 years ago i became a mother . It has been such a amazing and exhausting motherhood since but totally worth it . Our first has always been the little person who enjoys the little things in life . From her 1st birthday up until her 3rd birthday party, we would go all crazy from fun themes like Carnival and Under the Sea . Caterings from our favorite Chinese restaurants and services from bounce houses , cotton candy machines and more . I always planned for the parties 6 months ahead of time to ensure i didn’t stress. As soon as Belle was able to talk clearly and mention what she loves and wants . We started to ask her what does she want for her birthday or what plans should we do . And every year since that 3rd birthday it gets real simple. Her 3rd birthday was a surprise family trip to Disneyland in SoCal and it was very fun for the whole family . Last year she simply requested a cousin to come visit us and grab a dozen of donuts from Krispy Kreme . I didn’t complain ! Great company and who doesn’t love donuts ??