How to create a Media Kit for Bloggers & Influencers

Hey loves ! I have been asked by new bloggers, “Do i need a Media Kit ? What exactly do i put on it ? Do i pay someone is there free apps ? ” And the answer is YES , having a media kit represents you . Some may have looked up how to make a media kit , seen the crazy numbers of followers and impressions to your social media accounts . There is no need to feel discouraged because everyone starts from the bottom .

In this blog post i will be talking to you about these main topics :

  • What is a Media kit ?
  • Why do i need one ?
  • How to create a professional kit
  • How does having a Media kit benefit you

What is a Media Kit ?

A Media kit is basically , a book cover for you . When you pick up a book the first thing you look at is the cover right ? This is your way of representing YOU . Brands wonder when you reach out , who you are , what can you offer , and who or what does it mean to influence someone .

Motherhood Hashtags for Instagram

Hey loves ! So if you have been following me on Instagram you know I’ve been talking more about how to grow as a Influencer or Blogger . If you are looking to grow your engagements by 2x and possibly get featured on a hub account . These are the ones that has helped me in the last year . There has been a ton of talk whether putting hashtags in your caption or in comments work best. But honestly it is a hit or miss for me , i like to change it up and sometimes put 15-25 hashtags in a comment and put a few in my caption . I also try to use different hashtags everyday . So here are a few .. I hope i can help at least a little ! And if you want more blog post’s like this one please subscribe to stay in the know (:

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Bath bomb heaven

Hey loves ! I wanted to share with you just some phone pictures from our outing at Lush . Bath bombs and bubbles are a girls happy place . When i first step in in Lush , i feel a bit overwhelmed because i don’t know what to get . Everything just smells so good and looks to cute to touch . For that last few years i have been buying the cute little robots for the kids . One thing i dislike about it , is you do have to use the entire thing . And the plus side of it is its fun and maker your skin so soft.

Did you know your little ones can go in and test out some fun products ? Penny had so much fun picking her favorite colors and watching it all go down . To make my children feel like they have some what of a responsibility for ages 5 and under , i usually give them the money to hand over to the cashier .

Baking with a toddler

Im all for sunny days since i am from Socal . But this weekend it started raining and , i decided it would be a day to bake and get the little ones involved with something . Usually i am the mom that will not let the kids be around the stove or oven … but i also want to have my children say , ” I use to bake with mommy ” and also learn something new. Penny will be 3 in June i feel she is more advanced in somethings , her big sister was not at her age only because she had someone around 24/7 to play and learn from besides us . All penny did was give the bowl a little mixing and it was the coolest thing to her it seemed. My heart was so full

Mom off duty

Hey loves , so i finally went ahead and ditched the “mom gear” for a day , threw on something i felt beautiful in and got all dolled up for a quick shoot and some girl time . Not that i don’t love hanging around in my lounge gear . Something about being able to just get ready full glam is fun when you get the chance too . My oldest is at the age where , if i put on a pair of jeans before i even head out the door ( IF i am going anywhere) I asked . ” Mom where are you going ” . See … even my 5 year old knows I don’t go out .

Jumpsuit is from @hottielasvegas


Memories with Parabo Press

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is make so many memories and to make sure we capture them . For me i love to snap photos of almost everything because,  time is short and if you stare at a picture you can enjoy that moment forever . I love photo printing with Parabo Press because , the many different ways you can showcase photos with their products . My favorite is to hang photos on a photo rope and change up the photos every season . Since we are away from the family this year , i thought the perfect gift would be to send photos of our family throughout the year. There is still time to send your loved ones a gift of memories. You can enjoy 30% off with my code LES30 over at offer expires Dec 13th .

Target Photoshoot


You guys , we did it ! It is not the “Target Challenge” but we decided to take the camera along a few days before Halloween , to get some last minute candy and grab home decor for the holidays . I’m not sure if you are even allowed to do this , honestly it was a little scary but so much fun . Target and anything Joanna Gaines brings the joy out of me outside of my family. Around this time of the year is when I’m at my highest point because of the holidays , the joy and just all the decorations . If i vlogged about my daily life you will probably see Target at least 3x a week .


The Target shoot was shot by @toniflowersphotography , like myself she is from San Diego , CA . It is always good to have a friend from home here . She is amazing at what she does and can always make the kids laugh for photos . I challenge you to do the “Target Photoshoot” .